A Call for Your Support

Donna VanderVries testifying with Representative Hughes regarding HB 4888. 2 Feb 2016.

This November, I respectfully request your support in the IAAO Executive Board, Region 2, election. My IAAO involvement, education, and leadership experience make me an ideal board member. I aspire to facilitate IAAO members catching the VISION and to attract new members to that vision. Please join me in bringing IAAO Back and Into the Future: retaining and empowering existing members while attracting new members. To meet our members’ diverse needs, I will work to expand our excellent educational offerings and the mediums for those offerings. IAAO plays a critical role in the ever-changing technological and legislative environment. As a board member, I will work to address these complex needs and future needs.

Donna VanderVries


My Vision for IAAO

  • Attract new members while retaining and empowering current members.
  • Advance our technology to the forefront of the profession.
  • Improve & expand educational offerings (including online courses) and engage in educational outreach to legislators.